My interest in the Dryden family history has taken many years to develop. It has come to me through three ladies.

1: Nana Moore descibed to me by my Mum as a real "Lady". "She was kind and cared about Nanny and us". I never really knew who this person was but I heard of her many times over the years.
2: An old lady we visited each summer holiday in the nursing home. My memory of this time was of the craft room where my Mum seemed more interested in the craft than this old lady did. I never really understood who this lady was but we continued to visit he until she passed away.
3: The name Ogle Moore that has niggled away at me for years. John James Ogle Moore (my grandfather) his Mum was a Dryden. I did not know who she was.

As it turns out Nana Moore was the old lady that we visited each summer in the nursing home and she was married to an Ogle Moore. My great grandfather in fact. She was my grandfathers mother. She was Mary Dryden and she is all of the aforementioned ladies and the woman who has bought me to the Dryden family history all these years later.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

John and Mary

John Dryden married Mary McLeod in Carlsrhue, Mt Macedon, Victoria on 10 Jun 1864 in this little church.

John was born in Northumberland, UK in 1843 and died in Western Australia in 1923 aged 80 years. He arrived in Australia in 1851 with his parents and a brother William Edward Dryden
(1839 - 1914). They settled in the Mt Macedon area where his Uncle was a prominent landowner and orginal settler of the area known as "Drydens Run". John died 8th Nov 1923 in Perth Western Australia, aged 78 years.
His wife Mary McLeod was born on the Isle of Skye in Scotland in 1843 and migrated to Australia. Mary died in Western Australia in 1931, aged 85 years.
John and Mary had 14 children and spent part of their life in Australia in Newham, Victoria and the remainder in Western Australia. They are both buried at the Karrakatta Cemetery in Western Australia.

China Plate

This is the only remaining piece of my Nana's dinner set. It was bought for her in 1948 by her mother in law, Mary Moore nee Dryden. I remember eating many a Christmas lunch of this dinner set. It was a generous gift at the time.